Vantage Staff

Given Vantage Consulting Group's creation out of top-tier learning institutions, it is no surprise that Vantage is comprised of a balance of seasoned investment professionals and accomplished academicians.

Many of our consultants currently serve or have served as Trustees/Advisors to Mutual Funds, State Retirement systems, and Endowments.

The investment professionals have hands-on experience in security research, portfolio construction and trading in all market environments. The academicians bring particular knowledge of portfolio theory and modeling. Each of the PhDs are actively involved in academia through the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Richmond, while several of the firm's professionals also serve in other capacities including trustees to a number of institutional funds.

Members of our firm are not just consultants, they are active participants in the investment world to which they consult. We not only share our clients' concerns, we struggle with the same challenges. We understand the context in which fiducaries must operate and the pressures and issues they face, and we can help successfully deal with them.

Mark Finn
Chairman / CEO / CCO
James Haltiner, Ph.D.
Vice Chairman & Consultant
Jonathan F. Finn, CFA
Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer
Jerry Stevens, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant & Economist
Penny Kilpatrick
Director of Client Services
David P. Schippers, CPA
Director of Fund Operations
James T. Wolfe
Matt Smith
Director of Information Technology
Sanjeev Sagar Mudumba, CFA
Portfolio Engineer
Sara Boggs, CPA
Portfolio Accounting Manager
Quantitative Researcher